Private and corporate clients come to us looking for ‘the cherry on top', that magic extra touch that Caprichia provides, to elevate their events to the next level. Our ability to create a concept and to articulate a story around it, leads into utterly personalized functions, with a big emphasis put on the details. Our expertise as wedding planners and stylists is actually not only highly appreciated by wedding couples, but also by our other clients, who are willing to offer meaningful events where guests get the chance to live a full experience. From party celebrations and social events of any kind, to corporate gala dinners and top management petit comité plans. We design and flawlessly execute memorable events in style.


I’m not sure I have the words that will do justice to how grateful I am to you for the utterly amazing job you have done for us. Your persistence, determination, passion and energy are truly inspiring. The execution of everything you did was spectacular.

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29603 Marbella, Spain

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