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A very personal ode to our beloved Andalusia and its special lifestyle which, luckily for us, is unique in the world. If you haven’t had the chance to travel to this part of the world in Southern Spain yet, you shouldn’t miss adding it to your bucket list, and expect way more than sunny days and amazing beaches. You will find authenticity, true men and women who feel proud of their roots, impressive history, Arab influences, white villages, breath-taking landscapes, emotional music, mouth-watering gastronomy, top quality olive oil and deep traditions. Get ready to encounter artisans who up until today design and hand-make colorful ceramics, Spanish wooden guitars and percussion instruments, olive tree wooden crafts and typical kitchen pottery. Not to talk about our worldwide-known flamenco art expressions. We wanted to play tribute to all this by designing this styling session, which has since then been translated into real weddings and events for clients. How not getting inspired by the hand-painted crockery, olive oil favors, geranium pots, artisan bread and cheeses, sweet delicatessen only to be found in Spain, all wrapped in hand-embroidered Spanish shawls, frills and fringes?

Photography / Mireia Cordomi and Pedro Bellido

Styled Shooting

Marbella, Spain

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