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There are days that pass by in our calendar without major glory. And then there are other days, like this one, which become a full-day event. We set up the most delicious luncheon at 3 Michelin Star Chef Dani Garcia’s Atelier in Marbella, and brightened it up with a gorgeous table setup and gifts. A group sailing experience along the coast onboard a catamaran right after was highly appreciated to help digest the gastronomic delicatessen, before getting ready for a superb gala dinner, where the live Dixieland entertainment, table scaping and floral decorations were definitely ones to remember. Finishing off the night receiving the Award to The Most Valuable Partner from the beyond glamorous Sade Awe, was the most fulfilling feeling we could have asked for, after working on this project for so many months. We wish we could re-do it all over again!

Photography  | Kismisink

"Working with the beautiful CAPRICHIA was SUCH joy. Lucia embodies a truly welcoming spirit, which her entire team exudes. You and your magical team made all this possible. You spun my vision into being."

Sade Awe

Founder of The Bridal Circle + The Inner Circle Experience

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