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luxury wedding planner Lucia Fraga

Without realizing it, Lucia planned her very first social event at the early age of 10, when she organized a party in her hometown neighborhood, in Madrid. She enjoyed every minute of the experience, and we could say that CAPRICHIA was born back then, even if she didn’t know so yet.


Years later, a masters degree in Economics and Business Administration from ICADE and a post-graduate diploma in Hospitality Management, took her to work for multinational corporations and to ultimately find her perfect call in the luxury hospitality industry, where managing the Sales & Events operations of a Westin resort allowed her to blend her communication and styling skills, with her international orientation.


After several abroad experiences around Europe, she moved to Marbella and she founded luxury wedding design agency Caprichia almost 15 years ago, to infuse a boutique sensibility to the traditional event management services, and to offer her own signature twist.


Caring about our discerning clients and delivering beyond their expectations is possible thanks to Caprichia's bespoke and curated approach, which allows to develop long-lasting relationships with them, and also with the family of hand-picked partners that are brought along for every event.


Caprichia's devoted team of talented event and wedding planning professionals is their most powerful resource. Together, they have made Caprichia become a benchmark in the industry for designing and planning the most exquisite destination weddings and events in Spain, as well as an epitome for excellence. 

A Deusto graduate in Tourism with a post-graduate diploma in Hospitality Management, Esti owns unparalleled project management skills. 


Originally from Bilbao but settled in Sourthern Spain for more than 15 years, Esti blends together a set of unusual talents. Her determination, international orientation, out-of-the-box thinking and expertise in event management makes her become the go-to person for anything and everything related to back office tasks, communication with vendors and on-the-day rigorous running orders.


Our chameleonic Esti and her endless abilities range from customer service (with proven experience as an international airline stewardess in her younger days), event direction in a number of 5-star resorts around Spain and as General Manager of a boutique hotel, to scouting and entertainment management for different TV production companies.


Being organized and anticipating the needs by planning ahead, are understatements to describe Esti’s capacity to create and implement working protocols, maximize productivity and ensure that things happen according to plan. 


Esti’s dedication, focus and accuracy are crucial for the Caprichia team to achieve the flawless results that we are known for. 

Project manager Esti Urzay



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