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It is October in Marbella, which means blue sky, sunshine and Mediterranean Sea breeze. But we are here to work, learn, network, be productive… Can these be compatible? They truly can, when you have Caprichia turn a conventional conference room into an intimate and vibrant lounge area, ready for brainstorming and powerful interaction between top of the line speakers and the most international crowd of attendees. Who said that working sessions and coffee breaks need to be stiff and boring looking? Sade Awe, Founder and President at The Inner Circle definitely didn’t, when she kindly appointed Lucia as the proud Ambassador for the Spanish edition of her very curated and by-invitation-only event, which connects leading luxury entrepreneurs around the world. And since connecting individuals during a short time spam needs to be an ongoing process, let’s continue to meet and greet each other during an epic Caprichia style tapas & flamenco night. Get indulged by the best of the Spanish culture and aesthetics and save some energy for next day! 

Photography  | Kismisink

"Lucia is the brilliant event planner responsible for making ICE Marbella amazing! She truly is giving it her all and tending to every detail for an unforgettable experience in her home country Spain. And among many other great things, she is a wonderful human being beautiful inside and out."

Ceci Johnson

Founder of Ceci New York, ICE Partner

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