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Veronica and JJ are magnetic and unique, and that could only translate onto their wedding celebration; a reflection of their lifestyle and passions, surrounded by their favorite people. A hand-picked group of guests, who made it all the way from the US and more, to enjoy the couple’s very own way of telling the world how much they love each other and how the world that they are building as a couple looks like. And what a look & feel! The outfits, the venues, the landscape, the fields & horses, the locally-sourced food, the nature, the Andalusian wines, the charm of the Spanish music & dancing… "From Ronda, with love". 

Photography  Andreas Holm (please look for name)

"A million thanks for the weekend of a lifetime. We couldn’t be happier. I don’t think either one of us was expecting the emotional roller coaster that proceeded it allWas so so magical and full of so much love. Very much still taking it all in!"

Veronica + J J

New York, USA

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