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At CAPRICHIA Gift Atelier, we elevate corporate gifting to another level.

We design, produce and ship personalized gift boxes

for private or corporate clients,

companies, businesses and brands of all kinds,

and for any occasion.


Tailor - made




  • Caprichia's signature aesthetics

  • Thoughtful content

  • Bespoke design

  • Curated taste

  • Detail - oriented

  • Hand - made and artisanal approach

  • "Made in Spain" originality

  • Eco - friendly preference

  • Exquisite presentation

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" You have made possible my dream to gift emotions to people. Your boxes are magical.

You have the ability to create something special and unique, in record time.

I can only feel grateful for having met you."

- Aritz Urresti, CEO Goalboxes

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These are some examples of occasions to offer bespoke boxes

designed by CAPRICHIA Gift Atelier:

  • Conferences and meetings (including virtual ones!)

  • Memberships

  • Anniversaries and Special Celebrations / Milestones

  • Product Launches

  • Clients and Partners Thank You's

  • On-Board Welcomes

  • Weddings and Bridal Parties

  • Welcome Gifts

  • Private Events

  • Christmas Gifts

  • Travel Sets

  • VIP Treatments

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...for creating EXCLUSIVE gift boxes,

that cannot be found anywhere else.

100% tailor-made

For a minimum order of just 15 units,

we will be pleased to create a bespoke design for you.

Please brief us about your needs, and let's get in touch!

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We will be contacting you promptly!