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They are meant to be. Even their initials say so. Marbella feels like a second home and welcoming their guests to a chic Spanish Mediterranean wedding celebration proved to be just the perfect choice. Yet, everything around this couple has an extra flair of style and sophistication, which elevated their various events to the next level. Caprichia’s signature attention to detail found its match in their very curated expectations about every step of their wedding experience. From personalized watercolors and monograms to upscale paper invites and favors, a thought-of music repertoire, a refined understated decoration, exciting surprises… ‘JA’ wedding became an epitome of excellence. And as an added bonus… getting the whole group of guests to spontaneously sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Norwegian to the planner during the wedding dinner was the unexpected touch that showed what these exceptional human beings are made of. 

Photography  | Andreas Holm

"What an amazing celebration in every way possible. We are simply all speechless and so grateful to you for making everlasting memories. We are slowly recovering."

Jeanine + Alex


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