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Picture arriving to a wedding that had been postponed due to Covid and reading: ‘We have waited an extra year for this. Party accordingly.’ Attitude is everything! A weekend of endless fun, music, surprises, emotions and beauty, surrounded the happy couple with warmth and appreciation from their favorite people. A true in crescendo journey of sensitivity, style and excitement. From the welcome flamenco vibes mingled with marshmallows and ice cream to the pool relaxation under the Summer-like temperatures of October, all the way to the tender celebration of love and marriage, followed by the most romantic and candid setting… the stars were aligned to overlook a true fiesta! Tears and laughs, shots and serpentines, florals and golden touches, shined under a magical canopy of fairy lights toasting to speeches, to singing and to endless dancing!

Photography  /  Andreas Holm

"We are slowly starting to digest this amazing experience. I’m in between being happy and sad because it’s all over now. I want to replay the weekend!

We feel beyond grateful for your work and professionalism. Thank you once again for everything you’ve done for us and for the best weekend in our lives!"

Julia + Douglas

Stockholm, Sweden

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