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We were given an empty land and a green card to propose how to create a VIP welcome tent with a breakfast service. Driven by the eager to bring some nature into our arid canvas, we drafted the idea to recreate a colonial style tent with wooden flooring, furnished with natural wooden lounge areas and food stations, and surrounded by green leaves and plants. Executed in record time, the space turned into a world of ‘out of Africa’ aesthetics, where every single piece of furniture, counter, fabrics and tableware were hand-picked to achieve our vision, along with the food and beverage displays of fresh fruit, freshly baked pastries and savory nibbles cooked on the spot. As sun set, and moving to a Spanish private Palace, we welcomed guests to a magical atmosphere of endless fairy lights and lanterns under the sky, followed by an elegant indoor dinner, where working with unexpected white and blue ceramics and juicy cala lilies provided the stylish twist that we were looking for. One day, two locations and two classy events to be remembered.

Photography  /  Nani de Pérez

"I’m not sure I have the words that will do justice to how grateful I am to you for the utterly amazing job you have done for us. Your persistence, determination, passion and energy are truly inspiring. The execution of everything you did was spectacular."

Shaeren McKenzie

Chief Brand Officer, McArthurGlen Designer Outlets

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