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A one-of-a-kind, force-of-nature bride, a private villa with spectacular grounds by the sea, and the mission to turn it into the perfect venue to host two completely different events over the weekend. We had it all!

A whimsical atmosphere of enchanting allure invited to celebrate love and life, squeezing every second of joy. 

The casual and lively local charm of the welcome party, in a palette of blues and fucsias, included Andalusian delicacies and flamenco dancing under the stars, and set the perfect tone before the fancy flair of the wedding reception the next day. Guests were welcomed to a gracefully designed curvilinear aisle for the ceremony, followed by an alfresco reception where the crystal chandeliers hanging from mature pine trees were dropping over the refined beauty of the florals overflowing the dinner tables. A built for the occasion piano-bar club stayed open (and packed) until (very) late hours as an extra surprise. 

Please take us back! 

Photography  | Kuenzli Photograph

"I really don’t know that anything I can say will do justice to the event that you just made for us. Your efforts in planning the wedding attracted a great deal of attention and praise from all my friends. You managed to read our minds and orchestrated the weekend to perfection. From start to finish CAPRICHIA had been amazing to work with, you are faultless, and I take my hat off to you. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true"

Mother of the Bride

Leora + Andy


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