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A second marriage for both of them. Deeply in love with each other. Five grown up kids between the two of them. Beyond successful business entrepreneurs who travel the world non-stop. Yet so, the charm of Andalusian inland and lifestyle was captivating enough to decide hosting the most genuine weekend weeding celebration there. Despite being surrounded by the most inspiring landscape and immersed in pure nature, we still managed to run a super-cars ride activity before the ceremony for the guests (led by the bride and groom), design one of Caprichia’s most remarkable and effortlessly chic dinner setups, have the best showband perform and enjoy the most touching, meaningful and fun speeches we have ever listened to. Even the wedding cake topper, recreating Lorenzo Quinn’s ‘Tightrope’ sculpture, had a personal meaning for the couple. The vibe that was created from beginning to end can only mean that this time, it is forever!

Photography  | Andreas Holm

Videography  |  Michel Maraver

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"You guys were amazing. You really nailed it. Thanks ever so much for making our wedding day truly amazing. We have had so much feedback from family and friends, the only sadness being that they believe it was a once in a lifetime experience the likes of which they will never experience again! How long do you have to wait to renew your vows?"

Nathalie + Michael


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